What can art do for the future?

Letter 6389, to be made on Saturday 6 June 2122, was dedicated by the Foundation Letters of Utrecht to Utrechts Central Museum on 4 June 2022. The stone in which this letter is to be hewn was handed to Jacqueline Rutten of Utrechts Central Museum along with stonemason’s tools provided by Gerrit Peele. “What can art do for the future” is engraved the side of the stone and the number 6389 in the front. The poet who will write that part of the poem in about 2119-2122 will likely be born sometime between 2050 and 2100. The line of the Letters of Utrecht should run close to the Central Museum when the letter is to be made in the stone and be placed into the line of letters set to continue for as long as there are Saturdays.

The handover of the stone was part of the celebration of the first ten years of Letters of Utrecht for which longterm thinkers and the board of the foundation asked what art can do for the future. The minutes of the discussions and celebration 4 June 22 are available: