mei 222012

Stone from 10,000 Year Clock Site for Letters van Utrecht

Stone from 10,000 Year Clock Site to be turned into the first letter of the poem

A stone from the 10,000 Year Clock site arrived. This clock is built by the Long Now Foundation to foster long-term thinking and responsibility in the framework of the next 10,000 years. Alexander Rose, the executive director of the Long Now Foundation, wrote:

The Long Now Foundation presents this stone from the site of our 10,000 Year Clock project in the Southwest United States in our year 02012. It is our hope that future generations find us worthy ancestors.

The Long Now Foundation had reported on the Letters of Utrecht in March. The 10,000 Year Clock concept was the original inspiration for the ideas for a stone clock that turned into the Letters of Utrecht. This stone will be placed in the streets of Utrecht next week engraved with the first letter of the poem.

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